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wet dog wellness event

Wet Dog Wellness Special Event

On Sunday, April 10th, 2016, Dr. Krista Morrow, DVM, teamed up with with Dr. Amanda Kremer, DC and Maddy Turner, LMT, CSAMP, MT to provide a wellness event for the public. The event started with a short series of lectures, and then followed with special event price treatments for patients. We hope to provide this

latest in laser therapy

The Latest in Laser Therapy Information

The Latest in Laser Therapy Information Dr. Krista recently spent a week at a continuing education conference learning all the newest about laser therapy and related topics (arthritis supplements, stem cell therapy, canine rehabilitation and more). There are exciting times ahead! First! The term laser therapy no longer applies. The scientific term is PHOTOBIOMODULATION or

Portland Rose City Classic

Nu Moves at the Portland Rose City Classic

Where else? The Portland Rose City Classic, that’s where! The Portland Rose City Classic is one of the largest and most popular dog shows in the US. The all-breed show features conformation, obedience, rally and agility trials, as well as puppy shows and other events. Two weeks ago, I decided to take Nu Moves to

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