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“Dr. Krista’s gentle approach and laser therapy extended and, more importantly, enhanced the quality of Ernie’s life. When he was seven Ernie was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia and had major surgery. He recovered but his elbows continued to deteriorate. His ‘regular’ vet recommended laser therapy treatment to manage his pain when he was nearly thirteen and Dr. Krista gave him a new lease on life. Thanks to Dr. Krista, Ernie got the pain relief he needed, all from his own living room.”
From Ernie’s mom-Katy


 I met Ernie last year right before Halloween-Ernie’s spirit was very bright, but his elbows had given him some trouble for a long time, and Ernie was becoming much less active and depressed. We initiated twice weekly laser treatments, and within a few treatments Ernie’s good spirit came back and he started wanting to play again. With laser therapy, we were able to give him several more months of good quality life with his family.

We will miss you Ernie-until we see you again!

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