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Remembering A Laser Therapy Friend


Boda laser therapy friend

Sometimes, if we are lucky, we get to experience the love of a once in a lifetime friend. They make a lasting impact on our hearts and leave a pitting emptiness when they leave us. Boda will always be remembered as that once in a lifetime dog, whose dog mom Cam E. is missing immensely this holiday season.  (Cam is also a once in a lifetime friend who is always encouraging others and selflessly assisted me in the start-up of Nu Moves! She has a heart of gold, lucky to know you Cam! )

Cam’s favorite Boda story: “The time time I thought he had a pine cone in his mouth, and I went to get it to throw and it was a live mole! Or when he caught a rat was carrying it around with the tail out one end, and nose twitching out the other. Boda was so kind he could never hurt anything…”

Boda was also a laser therapy patient of mine and we treated him (and cured) a lick granuloma that had often required Boda to sport his “cone-head.” (Which apparently wasn’t the worst thing- Boda was so easy-going he took it with stride!) He was also a great demonstration dog for laser therapy (click this link for a video), and thoroughly enjoyed his laser massages.

Boda laser therapy friend

Boda was the great-great grandson of the golden retriever from the movie Homeward Bound (remember Shadow?). Shadow’s canine character portrayed patience,  selflessness and a strong will to get back to his favorite human. He always cared for all the animals around him. Boda surely inherited the same traits!

“I will never forget your kind soul my friend. I will see you one day. RIP Boda many people love and miss you. You were one of a kind.” Cam E.

Remembering our lost but never forgotten friends this holiday season…We will all miss you Boda!

 Boda laser therapy friend


  1. Thank you Dr.Krista for this beautiful write up of Boda

  2. Beautiful pictures,we Loved Boda!

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