Portland Rose City Classic 2016

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Portland Rose City Classic 2016


It was another successful year at the Portland Rose City Classic-the biggest dog show in the Northwest! The show lasted 5 days and consisted of agility, performance, confirmation, and more. All dogs were looking their best!

Portland Rose Ciy Classic

Looking fly at the Portland Rose City Classic!

Maisy the kitten helped Dr. Krista with preparation for the Nu Moves booth…

Portland Rose City Classic 2016

And we announced the new happenings with Nu Moves!!
Acupuncture by Dr. Krista coming in August 2016. Portland Rose City Classic 2016Dr. Krista treated a wide variety of participants with laser therapy, and made some new friends! Treatments included arthritis, acute muscle strains and aches, old injuries, laser therapy massages (shoulders, back, and lumbosacral region) and more. Several clients visited the booth more than once-they were very pleased with the laser therapy results!

Portland Rose City Classic 2016

                   JJ the agility dog!

Dr. Amanda Kremer treated both dogs (chiropractic) and people (laser therapy) at the Nu Moves booth. The hard concrete floor wasn’t only hard on dogs, but their people as well. Lucky for us, Dr. Kremer is a licensed human chiropractor and was able to administer laser therapy for participants!

Portland Rose City Classic

 What a great weekend, we will see you next year!

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