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picking a high quality supplement for your pet

Picking High Quality Supplements For Your Pet

It is becoming more and more common for veterinarians to recommend supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids help aid with the inflammation pain of arthritis, and glucosamine/chondroitin to assist with preservation of joint health.

But how do you know whether you are picking a high quality supplement?
There are twenty or more different kinds when you go to the grocery store, and even more looking online, all claiming to be the best! Between veterinary and human products, it can be an overwhelming choice. How do we know the right studies were performed to see if the company claims are even true? Or whether the supplement was created safely? Or if giving the supplement really has any effect at all, or if it’s just a placebo?

Here are two quick and easy ways to determine if YOUR supplement is high quality:

    Look for this NASC sticker-

NASC members must agree to adhere to NASC’s quality standards which include submitting to an independent audit to ensure conformance with quality system requirements.

Here’s a link to the NASC website for more information.


Sometimes it’s more cost effective to buy human products-many work just as well for our furry friends.

This website is a wealth of information on how to pick the most effective supplement, and also gives warnings on recalls and safety issues with products.

consumer lab logo

Check out consumerlab.com to see if your supplement is a good one!!!

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