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Nu Moves is now offering mobile acupuncture!!!

Dr. Morrow has completed all of her sessions at the Chi Institute in Reddick, Florida (and passed all of her exams..a four hour brutal written final and oral acupuncture point location exam whew!)
Dr. Morrow is now offering mobile acupuncture in addition to laser therapy as a great alternative (or integrative) treatment for pain relief, behavior problems, renal disease, heart disorders, GI upsets, and more. She has already treated several patients and has seen positive results for disk disease, arthritis, and neurological disease.

The Chi Institute was an amazing place to study, and is revered as the best veterinary acupuncture school in the world. We look forward to sharing this new knowledge with you and your pet! Send us an email at
Dr. Krista’s favorite statue at the Chi Institute

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