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The Latest in Laser Therapy Information

Dr. Krista recently spent a week at a continuing education conference learning all the newest about laser therapy and related topics (arthritis supplements, stem cell therapy, canine rehabilitation and more). There are exciting times ahead!

First! The term laser therapy no longer applies. The scientific term is PHOTOBIOMODULATION or PBM therapy. Until the term becomes more familiar, we will still occasionally use the term laser therapy.

Second, and I directly quote from several of the lecturers involved at the conference, “Photobiomodulation therapy scientific studies have been growing LEAPS AND BOUNDS!” Gone are the days of laser voodoo medicine, there are thousands of research articles on PubMed. To check it out yourself, head over to PubMed and use the search term “photobiomodulation.” Both human and animal studies!

A few noteworthy studies have shown:

-Laser therapy, when applied appropriately, can heal bone fractures 75% faster than normal healing time. Yes, 75%!!

-Studies showing penetration through skull mean we can more effectively treat sinusitis and rhinitis (cats, dogs and people!)

-No proof of contraindication after laser therapy to distant cancer sites.

-There are now some successful studies of particular knee braces ACTUALLY WORKING with stifle (knee) injuries. See Dr. Krista for more information.

-Actual scientific proof of stem cell therapy working in canines-some in the making suggestive of cranial cruciate ligament regeneration. AND! Laser therapy promotes stem cell therapy success…

And studies to come…. A study showing the effect and benefit of laser therapy in agility and other sporting dogs PRIOR to event. Dr. Krista already offers a pre-laser therapy treatment (including shoulders, back, and lumbosacral area), and absolutely sees positive clinical results.

Exciting times to come! For the latest in laser therapy information, stay tuned for more!
Also, Dr. Krista is looking for case studies for feline asthmatic patients, or canine tracheal collapse patients. A laser therapy discount will be applied-email Dr. Krista for more information!


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