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It’s Case Study Time!

Bourbon is a 6 year old, male neutered pit bull mix.  He had been limping on his right front leg for one week. Bourbon occasionally limps on his left front leg (due to previously diagnosed arthritis problems). This new limp, according to his owners, may have started after scraping his foot during an afternoon swim at the river. They had hoped it would get better over a few days, but after a week had not improved even a little bit.

Bourbon presented very stoic on orthopedic examination. Barely reacting to palpation or flexion/extension of joints, Bourbon only had a slight resistance to the extension of his elbow.

Besides doing an orthopedic exam, Dr. Morrow always does a full physical exam on all first consultations.  During Bourbon’s exam, Dr. Morrow found an egg-sized, firm mass on Bourbon’s right shoulder, which was disguised just enough by muscle that his owners had not noticed it yet. Dr. Morrow recommended the mass be aspirated by his primary veterinarian (to determine whether the mass was benign or malignant).

Dr. Morrow treated Bourbon’s carpus and elbow with laser therapy. Bourbon’s owners stated that the limp was completely gone after two days post-laser therapy (of just one laser therapy session), and were very pleased with the progress.

They were even more pleased that Dr. Morrow had palpated the previously undetected mass. Bourbon’s primary veterinarian had checked the mass, and discovered it to be a mast cell tumor. However, because it was found so early, the mass was easily removed surgically without having time to metastasize.

A quote from Tomas Cernansky: Bourbon’s owner

“Dr. Morrow provides a much needed and high quality care for pets suffering of pain. Moreover, Dr. Morrow’s expertise in diagnosing a potentially dangerous / undetected tumor while effectively treating my dog’s painful cause of lameness made all the difference in getting him back to shape.”

Tomas Cernansky is the owner of Animal Infrared Imaging, which is a great diagnostic tool for our veterinary patients. Mr. Cernansky uses infrared imaging as a non-invasive way of locating areas of inflammation that might indicate injury or other.

laser therapy case study

Tomas and Bourbon


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