Jeanene and Tandy (again after a few more treatments…Tandy’s hooked to laser!)

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My service dog, Tandy, has benefited from Dr. Krista’s years of knowledge and experience with Class IV laser therapy for almost a year now. Dr. Krista Morrow is a mobile veterinarian who comes to your home, a priceless benefit because there are no worries about how to transport a beloved pet who is in pain and the added stress to your pet. If you have medical insurance for your pet, Dr. Krista will provide the necessary documentation for your insurance claims.

Her clients’ convenience and their pets’ comfort and well-being are her number one priority. Tandy is a 10+ year old English Lab and I was concerned about early signs of arthritis in her hips, back legs and spine. Dr. Krista performed a thorough examination before taking her on as a patient. Those issues have all been resolved; she moves like a young pup again.

Best of all, Dr. Krista is only a phone call away when Tandy comes up lame from too many full speed squirrel chases and then stopping on a dime on her back legs to dance around the tree they ran up, too much running at the dog park, once sneezing (!) so hard she hit her muzzle on the ground and hurt her neck, and most recently when her front paws became very sore; after an exam and just one laser treatment her paws were pain free.

Whenever I notice a new ache or pain, Dr. Krista will focus her attention on the area, do an assessment before beginning, and it’s normally resolved with just one treatment. I am most pleased and very happy to give Dr. Krista Morrow my highest 5-Star recommendation. For complete information see Dr. Krista Morrow‘s Nu Moves website at You and your pet will be forever grateful.

Tandy thoroughly enjoying her laser therapy treatment

Tandy thoroughly enjoying her laser therapy treatment

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