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Nu Moves Class III vs Class IV

Class III vs Class IV Laser Therapy

Do you know the difference??

A question asked by many clients, veterinary technicians, and veterinarians:
What exactly is the difference between a Class III and Class IV laser therapy device? Will a Class III laser treat the same conditions efficiently and effectively?

The following 4 reasons explain the major differences in a manner that is easy to understand (and there are scientific studies to back it up!)-basically, the time it takes to treat certain conditions (especially in big dogs and horses) is generally way too long for most patients (and humans!) to sit still, and a Class III laser doesn’t penetrate tissue as deeply. However, the price of a Class III laser is much more affordable, and is very safe to use. (Don’t worry, a Class IV laser is also very safe, but requires the proper training and supervision!)

Please note: A Class IV laser MUST be used under the direction of a licensed veterinarian, while a Class III laser does not. Dr. Krista Morrow uses a Class IV laser therapy device, the same machine used by professional athletes (NBA, NFL etc) and also professional animal athletes! (think horse racing, dressage etc). Besides, you get one-on-one time with a veterinarian at laser sessions! (How many clinics can offer that?)


Class III vs Class IV Reason 1

 Therefore, a Class IV laser has better treatment extension for those tough to reach areas such as deep joint spaces (arthritis and ligament ruptures), deep soft tissue injuries, sinusitis, and even asthma!

Class III vs Class IV

To give an example: 5 minutes is about how long it takes to treat an elbow for arthritis in an average sized dog (using a Class IV laser). How many dogs do you know will sit for 166 minutes?? (Or people, for that matter!)

Class III vs Class IV

For example, when a joint is affected by inflammation (arthritis based), you can bet that other muscles etc. in the area are going to be sore as well…so a Class IV laser not only treats the primary location, but also other secondary sites.

Class III vs Class IV

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Thank you to Companion LiteCure for providing the images and scientific information.

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