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cats and laser therapy

As a veterinarian, it can be tricky to give good treatment recommendations to clients who are concerned that their cats are in pain. Pills get spit out, and arms get scratched in the process. Hide a pill in something? No way, cats are too smart. Liquid medication isn’t much easier. Twice a day?? Four times a day??? Yeah, right…there goes kitty to the farthest reaches of the closet….

Cats have different metabolic systems than dogs, and don’t always react very well to pain medications. We have to be much more careful when using anti-inflammatory medications than with dogs, because cats tend to have more liver and kidney problems with them. Opioids can make them trip out so much that application is not a great long-term option.

So what do we do?? Several other better options present themselves-joint gels and supplements, acupuncture, and essential oils (if you know how to use them) are good options for cats.

Cats benefit from laser therapy, too!! Laser therapy is an EXCELLENT option for your cats’ pain management, and can be used for arthritis, fracture healing, asthma, pancreatitis, wound healing, cat abscesses, skin problems, cystitis, ear infections and more!!! Just about any condition that might cause pain or inflammation benefits from laser therapy. No need to do any pre-session bloodwork before treatments, and there is no overdose. Laser therapy can also be rather affordable! Check out our pricing information here.

It is also much easier to apply than medications. For example, I treat my almost 9 year old cat Mack with laser therapy about once a week. He gets about a tablespoon of his favorite wet food, which distracts him long enough for me to do a 3 minute laser therapy session to his hips and sacrum (a significant arthritis problem area in cats), and I always have time to do his session twice. He doesn’t even really notice I am doing anything! Mack has been more playful with his kitten sister Maisy, and tends to be more social for days to weeks after his treatments. He also wants to snuggle more.

Cats benefits from laser therapy

Mack likes his laser therapy…see how flexible I am now!!!

Another great application for laser therapy is stomatitis. Stomatitis can cause moderate to severe inflammation inside a cat’s mouth. For more information on stomatitis try this link. (Also, is a reliable research site for other conditions you may have questions about!) Stomatitis is often treated with steroids and antibiotics, and these treatments need to be repeated several times a year, or in bad cases, monthly. Obviously, this cannot be good on a long-term basis for your cat. Laser therapy is a great way to decrease the amount of steroid and antibiotic treatments, and has no side effects!!!

Please feel free to ask me any questions, I would be happy to discuss with you how laser therapy can help your cat. I know I will be using my laser therapy device on my own cats for years to come!

Nu Moves will also be promoting laser therapy at the Cats and Shamrocks event at the Lloyd Center in Portland on March 14 and 15, 2015. For more information on the event, click here.

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