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laser therapy at agility trials

Laser Therapy at Agility Trials

Laser Therapy at Agility Trials Check out some of our recent pictures from the Ridgefield agility trials this spring. We treated ACL tears, all kinds of arthritis, carpal sprains, pancreatitis, muscle tears and more. Nash is a Collie that experiences muscle tightness in his shoulders from agility work and mid-back arthritis. Dr. Krista treated Nash

laser therapy and arthritis

Laser Therapy and Osteoarthritis

Case Study Time!!! Laser Therapy and Osteoarthritis Nelson the Dandie Dinmont Terrier Treatment Protocols: Hip arthritis, lower lumbar pain and abdomen (IBD symptoms) Nelson is an 8 year old Dandie Dinmont Terrier (about 32 lbs), and in the past year has had a major decrease in his activity level to the point of depression.  He

Nu Moves Open House Laser Sessions

Nu Moves Open House Laser Sessions! If you are curious about laser therapy, this is the perfect time to see what it can do for your rockstar!!! When: Saturday, May 30th, 2015 Where: Unsinkable Dogs 20413 Northeast 29th Avenue Ridgefield, WA 98642 $15 Laser Sessions, and for new clients, this price includes a consult! Appointments

laser therapy lick granuloma

Laser Therapy and Lick Granulomas

CASE STUDY LASER THERAPY AND LICK GRANULOMA Boda is a 12 year old, M/N Golden Retriever. He has had a lick granuloma on his front leg for five years, as long as his owner has had him. He has chewed and licked obsessively at the area, and his hair is stained from his saliva. We

Nu Moves and Animal Infrared Imaging

On March 25th, 2015, I had the opportunity to partner with Tom Cernansky of Animal Infrared Imaging. Together we presented at the PVMA (Portland Veterinary Medical Association) meeting, and discussed our beliefs and experiences with new modalities for soft tissue and other injuries/disease. What a great opportunity, and thanks Tom for the invitation! Below is

Cats and Shamrock

Nu Moves at the Cats and Shamrocks Show!

I am a self-proclaimed “crazy cat lady”. My two cats have three scratching posts, a box of toys, and my kitten has three of her very own games that she plays on my IPad. (watch her playing here!) I really do enjoy dog agility events, and hope to have a dog someday, but being around

cats and laser therapy

Cats Benefit From Laser Therapy, Too!!!

As a veterinarian, it can be tricky to give good treatment recommendations to clients who are concerned that their cats are in pain. Pills get spit out, and arms get scratched in the process. Hide a pill in something? No way, cats are too smart. Liquid medication isn’t much easier. Twice a day?? Four times

Your Laser Therapy Questions Answered!

Here are some of the most common questions I have had recently in regards to Nu Moves and what laser therapy does. Have a different question or want to know more? Feel free to send me an email!!! Laser Therapy Question #1 What do you use your device for? Does it do cataract or

Portland Rose City Classic

Nu Moves at the Portland Rose City Classic

Where else? The Portland Rose City Classic, that’s where! The Portland Rose City Classic is one of the largest and most popular dog shows in the US. The all-breed show features conformation, obedience, rally and agility trials, as well as puppy shows and other events. Two weeks ago, I decided to take Nu Moves to

A Sunday with the Portland Agility Club

Last Sunday, January 4th, Nu Moves visited the Clark County Fairgrounds for the Portland Agility Dog Club trials. If you’ve never been to an agility trial event, I highly recommend it. What a talented and caring group of handlers-these dogs are certainly well loved, and have an enriched lifestyle that some dogs can only dream

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