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Now Offering Acupuncture!

Nu Moves is now offering mobile acupuncture!!! Dr. Morrow has completed all of her sessions at the Chi Institute in Reddick, Florida (and passed all of her exams..a four hour brutal written final and oral acupuncture point location exam whew!) Dr. Morrow is now offering mobile acupuncture in addition to laser therapy as a great

Remembering a Laser Therapy Friend-Ernie

“Dr. Krista’s gentle approach and laser therapy extended and, more importantly, enhanced the quality of Ernie’s life. When he was seven Ernie was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia and had major surgery. He recovered but his elbows continued to deteriorate. His ‘regular’ vet recommended laser therapy treatment to manage his pain when he was nearly thirteen

laser therapy case study

Laser Therapy Case Study-Zoey the Himalayan

Laser Therapy Case Study Zoey AKA “Bebop”-pictured right above (brother Tegan on left) Zoey is an 11 year old, spayed Himalayan cat. She has always had a little bit of a funny gait “bebopping around the house”. In recent weeks, Zoey’s gait progressed to a limp, and she also had some falling episodes. She has

wet dog wellness event

Wet Dog Wellness Special Event

On Sunday, April 10th, 2016, Dr. Krista Morrow, DVM, teamed up with with Dr. Amanda Kremer, DC and Maddy Turner, LMT, CSAMP, MT to provide a wellness event for the public. The event started with a short series of lectures, and then followed with special event price treatments for patients. We hope to provide this

picking a high quality supplement for your pet

Picking High Quality Supplements For Your Pet

Picking High Quality Supplements For Your Pet It is becoming more and more common for veterinarians to recommend supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids help aid with the inflammation pain of arthritis, and glucosamine/chondroitin to assist with preservation of joint health. But how do you know whether you are picking a high quality supplement? There

latest in laser therapy

The Latest in Laser Therapy Information

The Latest in Laser Therapy Information Dr. Krista recently spent a week at a continuing education conference learning all the newest about laser therapy and related topics (arthritis supplements, stem cell therapy, canine rehabilitation and more). There are exciting times ahead! First! The term laser therapy no longer applies. The scientific term is PHOTOBIOMODULATION or

Portland Rose City Classic 2016

Portland Rose City Classic 2016

PORTLAND ROSE CITY CLASSIC 2016 It was another successful year at the Portland Rose City Classic-the biggest dog show in the Northwest! The show lasted 5 days and consisted of agility, performance, confirmation, and more. All dogs were looking their best! Maisy the kitten helped Dr. Krista with preparation for the Nu Moves booth… And

Remembering A Laser Therapy Friend

Remembering Boda- A Laser Therapy Friend

REMEMBERING BODA: A LASER THERAPY FRIEND Sometimes, if we are lucky, we get to experience the love of a once in a lifetime friend. They make a lasting impact on our hearts and leave a pitting emptiness when they leave us. Boda will always be remembered as that once in a lifetime dog, whose dog

Laser Therapy Case Study: Bourbon

It’s Case Study Time! “Bourbon” Bourbon is a 6 year old, male neutered pit bull mix.  He had been limping on his right front leg for one week. Bourbon occasionally limps on his left front leg (due to previously diagnosed arthritis problems). This new limp, according to his owners, may have started after scraping his

Nu Moves Class III vs Class IV

Class III vs Class IV: Know the Difference

Class III vs Class IV Laser Therapy Do you know the difference?? A question asked by many clients, veterinary technicians, and veterinarians: What exactly is the difference between a Class III and Class IV laser therapy device? Will a Class III laser treat the same conditions efficiently and effectively? The following 4 reasons explain the

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