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Katy and Ernie

“Dr. Krista’s gentle approach and laser therapy extended and, more importantly, enhanced the quality of Ernie’s life. When he was seven Ernie was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia and had major surgery. He recovered but his elbows continued to deteriorate. His ‘regular’ vet recommended laser therapy treatment to manage his pain when he was nearly thirteen

Jeanene and Tandy (again after a few more treatments…Tandy’s hooked to laser!)

My service dog, Tandy, has benefited from Dr. Krista’s years of knowledge and experience with Class IV laser therapy for almost a year now. Dr. Krista Morrow is a mobile veterinarian who comes to your home, a priceless benefit because there are no worries about how to transport a beloved pet who is in pain

Mara and Dixie

Dr. Krista is one of several veterinarians and a leader in my service dog, Dixie’s healing from an injury. The Laser Therapy is great for the inflammation! The fact that she offers in-home assessments and treatments is perfect for us, as I don’t drive. You’re a gift in providing your expert services and in caring

Tomas and Bourbon

“Dr. Morrow provides a much needed and high quality care for pets suffering of pain. Moreover, Dr. Morrow’s expertise in diagnosing a potentially dangerous / undetected tumor while effectively treating my dog’s painful cause of lameness made all the difference in getting him back to shape. ” Tomas Cernansky also provides an important tool in

Jeanene and Tandy

“Hi Dr. Krista, today’s laser therapy session was another very positive session for Tandy. She slept all the way home, including during a few stops I had to make, and literally jumped with her whole body fully stretched out onto the bed when we got home. She’s so docile I can’t believe it. Thank you

Nelson and Heidi

He’s doing so much better (after his laser therapy). I noticed yesterday that he’s back to trying to jump up and put his front paws on the inside car door handle in order to put his face out the window. He always used to ride around with his face out the window but he hasn’t

Diane and Max

Dr. Krista is the best. My dog has arthritis and a torn meniscus and could hardly walk. It was devastating to watch him. She came the very next day I called and three sessions later…he is almost new. I am so grateful and she is very compassionate and thorough.

Co-Worker Cam

Dr.Krista is a kind person and great vet. I had the pleasure of working with her for a year. I also know what laser therapy can do first hand. I have seen dogs that are paralyzed and by the end of the treatments they are walking. Cam E.

Midnite & Maggie

Dr. Krista is so kind and loving to us! We don’t like strangers much, but we made friends with her right away. She’s not scary and we didn’t mind her checking us out at all. We were in our house and didn’t have to get loaded in the crates and taken away in the big, loud

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