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laser therapy case study

Laser Therapy Case Study
Zoey AKA “Bebop”-pictured right above (brother Tegan on left)

Zoey is an 11 year old, spayed Himalayan cat. She has always had a little bit of a funny gait “bebopping around the house”. In recent weeks, Zoey’s gait progressed to a limp, and she also had some falling episodes. She has had a history of rhinitis and HPV (feline herpes virus), resulting in chronic corneal ulcers and scarring of her corneas. Otherwise, Zoey seemed in good health-with normal bloodwork and is eating/drinking normally, and regularly in good spirits.

Zoey was seen at her regular veterinarian, who diagnosed her with bilateral (both knees) patella luxation. (Find out more about patella luxation here). When luxating kneecaps create friction over the bone, over time this results in weakness, pain, and arthritis.

Zoey’s owner wished to pursue alternative therapy, so her vet recommended that she give Zoey Omega 3 fatty acids and Cosequin (glucosamine/chondroitin supplement) to help with inflammation and also to help reduce the onset of arthritis. He also referred her to Dr. Morrow to pursue laser therapy treatments.

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On exam, Dr. Morrow noted a stiff gait, grade 2 patella luxation on both knees, a pain response (though Zoey was quite stoic!), and possibly a slight cranial drawer sign on her left knee. (this means a compromise of a ligament in her knee). Zoey did not have any pain response to back or neck movements, and it was difficult to assess her hips due to patient “wiggles”.

Dr. Morrow met with Zoey on April 22nd. The most significant finding on exam was stifle pain and rhinitis/nasal congestion, so Dr. Morrow started with a laser therapy treatment of both stifles and Zoey’s sinuses. A second treatment was applied on April 27th.

Rule of thumb: It is always a good idea to treat adjacent joints (and typically those proximal or above the primary points), so Dr. Morrow also treated both of Zoey’s hips. Because Zoey was having falling episodes, Dr. Morrow recommended laser treatments start out at 2-3 times per week to achieve quick results.

By Zoey’s third laser treatment, her mom reported that Zoey was doing much better. Her face, sinuses, and chin acne were clearing up, she was jumping more, and found more often in high places.

By her fourth treatment, her mom said that Zoey was breathing better than she had in years, and she was pleased with the results of sinus treatment.

Dr. Morrow continued twice weekly treatments for two more weeks, and Zoey’s orthopedic status remained the same-great! She had little bouts of sinus fits and nasal congestion, but not as bad as she had been having.

The next goal is to try weekly treatments for awhile, and then continue to decrease (laser therapy builds up over time as a result of continuous treatments). We are pleased with Zoey’s results, and hope she continues to do well!

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